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Experience the enhanced residential living in Elbo Creek Estates West, where a variety of amenities contribute to a vibrant community:


  • Well-maintained sidewalks weaving throughout the neighborhood.

  • Lush landscaping with trees, flowers, and bushes in common areas.

  • Street lighting, including a well-lit entrance and security lighting in the recreational area.

  • A playground designed for younger children.

  • Open recreational areas for playing football, baseball, soccer, and more.

  • Thoughtfully placed park benches and picnic tables.

  • A completed picnic shelter (2019) for gatherings and leisure.

  • Future plans for the development of additional recreation areas.

  • Engaging in community events, including organized garage/yard sales.


Enjoy a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle within Elbo Creek Estates West, where these amenities contribute to a welcoming and active community environment

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